The Best Days Unfold Without Effort

The best days unfold without effort when you follow your passion.

Part of working independently and living in an outdoor playground is maximizing the work/play aspect of everyday life.  When I lived in the city the play part was harder, it took longer blocks of time mostly relegated to weekends, and there was no way to get outside as often as I do here.  I find that getting out into nature almost daily is what keeps my work fresh, my mind stimulated, and wild ideas literally fall from the sky and hit me while I am out there, it's kind of crazy but true!

Today was no exception, I woke up thinking I was headed to the river, but then saw a photo of the snow from a friend and my focus shifted immediately, I love that unpredictable kind of flow. I dressed for XC skiing, packed my bags and my lunch, plus my work bag, dropped my daughter at school, answered work e-mails, sent invoices, and then headed to the wilds.   I'm very reserved about advance planning, it cramps my style, feels stifling, so this way of living where you just live in the moment following your passion, it's my zone, and a good one at that.

When I arrived at the mountain it was 24 degrees, stone cold for the PNW, the powder was unbelievable and I wished only for a moment that I was climbing Tumalo for turns on my fat skis, but then just went with the moment and started my XC trek to Todd Lake.  Every single part of the whole adventure had me smiling with wonder, it NEVER gets old out here, it's NEVER the same twice.  True to form I randomly solved 3 problems while I was out there, without thinking about them, it's the most amazing thing!

The best days unfold without effort when you follow your passion, make time to get outside every day if you can, it will pay dividends!

It's about time

I found myself apologizing profusely for my website

 as I handed out a business card, was written up in the Bend Bulletin, and then recently when I sat on a Product Design Panel for Bend Design.  It had been ten long and busy years since I had touched my website, yikes!   Enough with that embarrassment, at long last, SY Design has a new website, that I designed and built myself!  Hell yes for technology improvements!   Please look around, a lot has happened in ten years and I'm excited to share it with you.  I'm still adding more, but excited that it's ready to be a launched.  Let me know if something isn't quite right, and stay tuned for updates often!