Where we Shine

We enjoy working with brands of all sizes from small start-ups to large global companies.  We work together with each of our clients to customize our deliverables to meet your needs.  Don't see what you are looking for?  Just ask, if we don't do it ourselves, we likely can connect you to someone who does.  



Design is the keystone of our studio, almost all our projects revolve around it. We utilize a thoughtful user-based approach spending a lot of up front time asking questions and helping to clearly define the scope of the project.  We still believe in the freedom of starting our first ideas in pencil, moving from there into the computer to refine our concepts and present them back to our clients.



We stand apart from the crowd because of our deep knowledge of construction and how garments are put together from the ground up.  We are well known by our clients for providing incredibly detailed tech packages that allow for a smooth development process while working with domestic and overseas partners.  We facilitate the execution of a prototype that keeps production limitations and cost efficiencies in mind. 



Purpose built design often starts by manipulating fabric and parts, sewing, bonding, and adjusting to meet an end use or need.  For these types of projects we often work backwards, starting by building first, then making a pattern, and finally sketching it out and providing the construction details.  We find that there is no other way to truly achieve innovative functional design, you have to build it.  We thrive on this process, and can provide you anything from a rough mock-up to a fully built-out prototype complete with a digital pattern.



Our global experience gives us a strong understanding of the differences between the US Market, Canada, Europe and Asia.  We thrive on putting together visual presentations that can provide a leaping-off point for creative teams.  We have done this type of work for brands in the Outdoor, Ski, Pet, Toy, Kids, Snowboard, Surf, Work, Hunting, Fishing, Bespoke, and Consumer Products industries.  



We are located in the outdoor playground of Bend, Oregon, our deep love of this place and playing outside has us connected to an amazing roster of local athletes, craftsman, farmers, hunters, outdoor kids, and anglers.  We regularly host "Unfocused" groups for our clients with these goals in mind:

  1. Direct first-hand connection to unbiased end users in an informal setting.
  2. Insight for design teams into useful design features, on the ground trends, and ways to engineer garments to last longer.
  3. Unbiased instant measures on the pulse of your brand direct from the user.
  4. Opportunities to build positive relationships with potential evangelical users. 
  5. 30 second insight into what really matters in design from the users perspective.
  6. Camaraderie and excitement amongst team members who might attend.
  7. #ListenAndLearn


The consumer is drawn-in first by color, we understand that getting this part right is instrumental to a products success.  We work together with our clients to establish color goals that will help you to cross-merchandise and maximize MOQ's.  Our goal is to provide a saleable color palette that includes a base of strong multi-season neutrals, combined with seasonal color trends, and unique lesser used accents.



Product Line Management, Sourcing, Fabric and Trim Development, Web Design, Marketing, Photography, Storytelling, Graphic Illustration & Print Design, Collateral & Trim Design.