We are fortunate to live in an amazing outdoor community that affords us an intimate connection with incredible wild places.

We give back a minimum of 5% of our annual profits to the below groups through servitude, in-kind and cash donations.  We believe in the power of community and good karma, and we are passionate about doing what we can to make this planet a little better place to live.  When you work with us you are inadvertently helping us in our efforts to support these things that we most passionately believe in. 

—Thank you—

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Coalition for the Deschutes

I believe that you can change the world with a five-gallon bucket and a net.  Not convinced? Have a look.  I am very fortunate to live within minutes of one of the iconic rivers of the American West.  When I discovered it wasn't healthy I was compelled to do something about it.  As a co-founder of this organization this is truly a labor of love.  I want to see the wild returned to the Deschutes River, and am dedicated to working towards making that happen.

4-H Camp Outdoor TEaching Volunteer

Each June we head off to the Blue Mountains for one week to take up residence in a rustic cabin along the edges of the Tucannon River, at the very same summer camp that I attended as a kid.  We donate our time to teach outdoor education and inspire local youth.  Through the years we have taught fly fishing, river entomology, survival shelter building, Leave No Trace, outdoor arts and crafts, canoe games, and hiking.  We work with groups of up to 30 kids at a time building relationships with them over the week, and over the years as we return.  I have personally helped kids to catch their first fish, cast the their first fly rod, build shelters that did not know they were capable of, that kind of magic is priceless.



Kim serves on the board of the Deschutes River Alliance, the group focused on the health of the Lower Deschutes River.  This organization is doing a lot of heavy lifting in uncovering the underlying problems that have caused major changes to the water quality and life that lives with-in this vibrant stretch of river.