Building innovative workwear for one of the best tool companies in the world.

We began working with Milwaukee Tool in 2013, they reached out to us to see if we could help them construct heated workwear that was compatible with the M12 batteries that also are used in their power tools.  It was our first time working with electronics, this required deconstructing their samples, and a discovery process with their team to troubleshoot how we could improve not only the design, but also the function as well.  This has resulted in innovative new pieces launching them into the soft goods market, a fast growing and successful new category at Milwaukee Tool created by SY Design.



We spent a lot of time doing research together with the Milwaukee team learning in-depth about the specific needs for different types of trades, studying the competitive landscape, and utilizing our skills as innovative technical outdoor designers to bring new ideas into the workwear space.  We are involved through the entire design and development process on this project.  We started with concepts, moving to designs, tech packages, building prototypes and patterns, fitting, managing fabric and trim development, and working in coordination with their team until we were ready to hand-off a complete production ready package, with a fit approved prototype, a full tech package, and all fabrics and trims fully approved and ready for production.

M12™ Heated Gear™ and a new line of Work Gear™ created by SY Design for Milwaukee Tool.

Men's Bomber Jacket 

The first concept sketches for this style are shown above, after a small amount of refining and adjusting to meet the clients needs we moved into the tech package, and from there pattern making and prototyping.  At the very bottom you can see the final finished product and how close it resembles the very first concept sketch.

A small portion of the tech package for building out the Men's Bomber Jacket.

A small portion of the tech package for building out the Men's Bomber Jacket.

The final production  Bomber Jacket .

The final production Bomber Jacket.