Creating a New Category of Positive Buoyancy Extreme Fishing Apparel. 

We began our work with the team at Stormr in 2012, a subsidiary of Henderson Aquatic, they had a long history working with neoprene in the diving market, and wanted to explore the idea of creating a fishing suit made of neoprene for extreme conditions like Commercial and Striper Bass Fishing off of the coastline.  These conditions often put the user in cold and stormy weather and there were inherent risks with falling in and getting hypothermia.  We had not yet worked with Neoprene but studied the construction methods and learned from the Henderson team more about how we might be able to help them.  This resulted in the launching of their first piece the Typhoon, followed soon after by the Stryker.


The STryker Jacket and Bib have launched a new category of performance fishing gear that continues to grow.

These pieces were a first of their kind product that has been tested to provide both positive buoyancy and increased body temperatures when the wearer is accidentally submerged.  They continue to grow and expand from the these first products that we helped them to launch.